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The following is the content of SHINHOP's service strategy for users.


1. Provide professional advice:


Based on years of operating experience, users can provide professional services to Shinhop in terms of technical configuration, processing functions, quality effects, product prices, processing solutions and other aspects for a large number of laser equipment consulting equipment. The complete solution provides users with consulting services, and provides users with suggestions on the Internet, phone calls, letters, and door-to-door services.


2. Provide sample service:


Users can provide their own product samples or process samples to the new Huapeng manufacturers for proofing, and we will provide proofing and mail it back to the user.


3. Provide cost-effective of quotation:


Equipment prices are priced based on user needs and professional technical solutions. The best price advantage can meet user needs, provide users with the best cost-effective equipment procurement, spend real money on blades, and end any waste of money , Earn money of conscience, established a hundred years of business.


4. Provide on-site reception:


Users are welcome to visit SHINHOP's manufacturers. There are professional reception staff, all equipped with shuttle buses for commercial vehicles, and manufacturers provide product-related samples, equipment information, technical information, product configurations, etc.


5. Quality Assurance


In order to comply with the provisions of the sales contract signed by users and strictly implement related services, it is strictly prohibited to use shoddy products to prevent any potential problems with hidden equipment. We are determined to conduct strict quality inspections to ensure that users need to rest assured to establish corporate quality and safety trust and good cooperation reputation .


6. Keep good communication


The user temporarily changes the equipment configuration or technical problems, and actively resolves various problems existing in the user's common needs through mutual negotiation. Ensure the smooth production and timely delivery of laser equipment.


After-sales service


1. SHINHOP provides free installation, commissioning and free training of the operation of technical personnel for any user's equipment to ensure that users can quickly become familiar with the characteristics of the equipment and operation control methods, and complete production applications in the shortest time.

2. SHINHOP provides 1-year free equipment warranty and lifetime maintenance. During the warranty period, all equipment failures (human factors or force majeure factors) can be maintained by our company for free. If you need to use accessories (vulnerable parts), provide free support Service, beyond the equipment warranty period, the maintenance fee will be charged to our staff service fee according to our lowest price.

3. Free upgrades of the software system for life, including laser welding system, cutting system, and marking system, to protect users from obtaining the latest processing experience and improve product processing effects.

4. After-sales service provides a 24-hour service equipment maintenance mechanism. You can submit maintenance requirements to our website, or contact us by phone. Our global service control center can assign your relevant technical engineer to contact you and supervise users in Solve the problem in the shortest time.


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