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What is laser welding?

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What is laser welding?

Laser welding is a metal welding method designed to
provide highly accurate product connections. Usually
used when the contact structure between welded parts is
complicated. This technology is rarely used, but still
has many excellent features.

You can use it to get beautiful, uniform and smooth
seams without deformation or bending. Welding is
suitable for joining stainless steel, aluminum and even
silver products. Of course, these are not all the
characteristics of this type of welding. There are other
features that deserve special attention.

 Laser welding

General characteristics
The laser welding of metal is done using special
equipment. This method first appeared some time ago, but
it has become very popular. Used in various industries
to create lasting and lasting connections. The welding
method has high precision, excellent performance and
excellent joint quality.

The laser beam is used to heat and melt the work area.
The beam produced by the laser is monochromatic. All
waves have the same length. This is why the focus lens
and deflection prism simplify flow control. Resonance
will appear on the laser, and the trigger power will
increase many times.

All these attributes can help you understand what laser
welding is. During this technical period, you can use
various welding machines, including semi-automatic,
automatic or even robots, without the need for humans.
Each of them provides a laser beam that heats and melts
selected areas of the metal product.

Laser welding technology
The principle of laser welding is based on the following

coherent. The indicator is based on the relationship
between the topological phases of the laser beam thermal
field in different areas.
monochrome. The feature of this function is that the
spectral line width emitted from the light source is
very small.
concentrated. During the welding process, the light will
not be scattered when moving from the light source to
the workpiece to be welded.
Thanks to these indicators, the output of the laser beam
is increased, so that the melting and evaporation of the
metal in the welding area can be accurately measured.
The source can maintain a constant distance from the
welding area, and no vacuum is required in the area of
the laser welding pool.

 Laser welding technology

So how does laser welding work? When using a laser beam
to connect the product, follow the steps below.

The connecting elements will be tightly connected to
each other along the future connecting line.
Then aim the laser beam at the node.
The generator is turned on. During this time, uniform
heating starts from the edges, causing the particles to
melt and evaporate.
Due to the small cross-sectional area of the laser beam,
the molten metal fills all the microscopic roughness and
defects of the product that enters the laser beam area.
important! Laser welding has positive characteristics.
In this process, a high-density welded joint is formed.
However, other welding methods of this technology have
no inherent pores or other defects.

Since the laser beam moves at high speed along the
connecting surface, metal oxidation will not occur
during the welding process. With the help of beams, you
can make two types of seams: solid and discontinuous.
The first method is used for welding stainless steel
pipes that require high air tightness. The second type
is used for small structures with damaged welding

Pros and cons
Due to the advantages of laser welding, this technology
is very popular and in high demand. However, like any
other welding operation, it also has a negative impact,
so it should be considered first.

Photo: Benefits of automatic laser welding

The advantages of welding are:

Laser beam welding can be used for many materials, from
metals and magnetic alloys to thermoplastics, glass and
The high precision and stability of the heating track
are observed.
The size of the welded joint is small. This is what
makes it invisible.
There is no heating near the weld. As a result, welding
distortion is minimized.
No combustion products are formed when heated, and no
X-rays are emitted.
The welding process has high chemical purity. This is
due to the fact that no additives, fluxes or welding
rods are used during the welding process.
Suitable for welding in hard to reach places


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