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1. How does SHINHOP train users?
SHINHOP has high flexibility for user training. Users can directly train to SHINHOP company, or provide on-site training, remote training or postal information for graphic training. Training methods are determined according to user needs.
2. Does the trainer have professional technical capabilities?
The trainers of the SHINHOP customer service team are engineers who are assigned rich technical experience from the laser technology application and process engineers, who can independently maintain, operate and analyze the technical level.
3. What is the training content?
a. Explain the working principle of the laser.
b. Analyze the basic structure, working principle and performance characteristics of the laser equipment purchased by the customer.
c. Explain the safety and maintenance of the equipment.
d. Analyze the influence of the set parameters on processing and equipment operation skills.
e. Training the application software of laser processing equipment.
4. Is the training charged or free?
Free training is provided during the operation of the equipment delivered to the product, and a certain service fee shall be charged for new operators who are officially used by users or after training.
5. Is regular training provided?
The laser equipment is customized according to the user, and the process and content of each training are different. Only when the user submits the training application, our company will arrange our company to provide on-site training services for the technicians.
Note:For other product manufacturers, our company is not responsible for training (no paid training is provided), only accessories sales.
7. How long does the general training take before the user can operate completely independently?
SHINHOP provides users with systematic and comprehensive training. Generally, users can operate independently after two or three days, or they can refer to the product manual provided by SHINHOP to learn the operation.


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