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Multifunctional handheld laser welding machine

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1. Multifunctional laser welding machine
Pulse Nd: YAG laser welding system is suitable for various precision spot welding and sealing welding and cutting applications in the electronics, medical, automotive and micromechanical markets. 
Typical applications are:
Welding of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metals
Welding of electron gun and titanium capacitor
Spot welding of optical fiber coupler parts
Container welding
Sealing welding of lithium battery
Compared with traditional technology, laser welding has many advantages, such as:
1.Low heat input
2.Reduce distortion
3.No mechanical force
4.Because there is no tool wear
5.Stable welding penetration

SHinhop laser welding system uses a beam source. An auxiliary gas nozzle can also be used. The CNC control system provides convenient programming for welding/cutting speed, pattern, laser beam on/off and gas on/off. The laser output can be adjusted by setting the laser pulse width, pulse repetition frequency and lamp operating current.
Laser welding system usually consists of laser head, switching power supply, CNC control system, beam transmission, electric XY table and cooler.


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