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First,, business goals:
SHINHOP laser technology position to build industry-leading technology production-oriented enterprises, with first-class technology products and services to Thanksgiving feedback investors, shareholders, employees and the community, to create international brand of laser equipment business for the development of China's industrial 2.0 era to create more Great value and contribution.
Second, the corporate philosophy:
SHINHOP people-oriented, quality of survival and development, to the quality to efficiency, for the staff to create the future, adhere to the service first, with professional technical services to provide users with the ideal needs, unremitting innovation, the implementation of the actual needs of users.
Third, the concept of talent:
1, Agree with the SHINHOP culture, wholeheartedly with the company to develop the staff is the enterprise can be made only;
2, For the new Huapeng create value, to achieve business vision, continue to participate in the company is the energy construction talent is the enterprise will be;
3, Continuous innovation to create rich value-added, improve the core competitiveness of enterprise products is the core of the new Huapeng talent;
4, Understand the technology, understand the management of technical experts is the SHINHOP all-round talent;


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Address:Building 6, Jingneng science and technology environmental protection industrial park, No.3, Baolong Second Road, Longgang District. Shenzhen.China